Intercultural competence

Moroccan Culture

This workshop designed to respond to the needs of expats living in Morocco by providing practical information and advice on the various aspects of living and working in Morocco, as well as conveying an understanding of the underlying structural components that shape Moroccan culture inside and outside the workplace.

Key Topics in this Workshop:

Key communication tools and skills to understand and respond to business and social subtleties and nuances of Moroccan culture while living and working in Morocco

An awareness of culture shock and ways of coping with it

Classical Arabic (Fusha)

At the end of  this workshop you will be  capable to recognise and then read and write Arabic calligraphy, starting with basic letters forms  and moving on to reading and writing sentences by using various script styles which represent islamic visual expression and creativity.

Moroccan Darija  is a spoken language that is highly interactive.  it is outgoing, fun, and very conversational. This workshop provides you key expressions and phrases that you can use to immediately begin interacting on a simple level.

When you take this workshop:

You learn beginner’s Arabic

You engage with Moroccan people and their culture

You thrive and live a healthier, more fulfilling life in Morocco

You save time

You save money

Moroccan Arabic (Darija)

Arabic calligraphy