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Cooking as a Mindfulness Practice

This workshop is  designed to help people delve into the essential principles of the delightful Moroccan gastronomic culture of the region  and how to integrate Mindfulness techniques  into cooking practices and is not advanced or specialised cookery lessons.

Here we will guide you through some of the processes that need to happen in order to fully benefit from this workshop  starting by  the first step that will be a short  visit to the one of the oldest markets in Marrakech, where the locals go for buying fresh ingredients to the daily meal. Discover and taste the local ingredients that are presented to learn about the local and national gastronomy and ending  at your own workstation, where you  learn alongside the chef  the insights of Moroccan  cuisine with hands-on experience provided.

There are many more steps involved in menu planning  and the total time from workshop presentation& guidance  to final product can take up to one day  in total.







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Workshop concept

Chickpea and Tomato Moroccan Harira Soup.

Chicken and Olives Recipe.

Nicoise Salad Recipe.

Chicken Tajine with Potatoes and Peas.

This cooking workshop  encourages everyone  interested to use cooking as a tool for independence and personal development. every participant  is  guided by a chef and a coach, and will be instructed in planning and preparing local meals.

Vegetable Couscous Recipe

The benefits of taking a cooking workshop

  • Building  new cooking  skills that are directly applicable to many culinary careers.
  • Increasing a sense of time management and improving  patience.
  • Building a sense of how to be a team member by taking turns and working together to achieve a specific  outcome.
  • Increasing awareness of different cultures
  • Expanding the creativity  in your kitchen by learning new recipes.
  • learning about how to cook and how flavors meld together, you will gain a deeper understanding of the food you eat.
  • Refining fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
  • Increasing a sense of hygiene and safety , including knowledge of cause and effect, and predicting  outcomes.



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