With a portfolio of international volunteer service  that is  a powerful tool that becomes a moving agent of change for young people, CATED wants to provide the best in personal development areas to young people around the world. Its leadership is founded on the ability of its teams to create innovative programs that combine quality, effectiveness and safety in every subject  of personal development covers activities that improve  awareness and identity, develop personal and professional skills ,  unlock potential, build new kills and facilitate employability ,enhance the quality of life and promote well being.



We’ve grown over the years, to be the Euromeditranean’s leading source of personnal development including  travel consulting and intercultural exchange , providing young people of all ages with the knowledge, skills and travel experience to equip them for life.

we apply our expertise in Morocco and across the world. we believe in the power of travel experience  to help individuals to fulfil their potential and benefit society.

In conducting our work we seek to embody the following values:

Accountability through rigorous and transparent assessment of our performance.

Excellence through maintaining a stronger level of commitment to improve customer service and to inspire creativity into our team

Integrity through building trust among our collaborators and bringing purpose to our clients lives so that we can succeed together.

Collaboration through working together across our team in partnership with our international partners&collaborators   to create success and to build sustainability.



Why Cordoba?

Cordoba: The inextricable link between tolerance and knowledge

"Cordoba" had been chosen because it recalls the culture of pluralism and mutual tolerance that is thought to have reigned among Muslims, Jews, and Christians in medieval Spain. Despite their differences, they lived together and made up a diverse culture that was enriching and productive.

The result was a peaceful coexistence and a social Cohesion that yielded an enormous outpouring of scientific knowledge and mutual benefit. Indeed; Córdoba, the capital of Andalusia, became one of the world’s leading centers of medical and scientific studies. Apparently “Cordoba impressed everyone who heard of it” and its recognized as the cradle of art and knowledge, and its a good example of coexistence of cultures.

Actually, CATED symbolizes the possibility of another era of triumph in human development, which fosters mutual understanding, provides learning opportunities and promotes intercultural exchange.

The purpose is to create social, cultural and economic links between EU and other regions and countries.

Cordoba Academy for training education and development can be a place where people from different backgrounds, can gather for social and cultural activities and get to know one another, and to bring down the borders and achieve fruitful cooperation.